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How’s the market?

So often, I am asked that question, and I feel like it’s such an important one.  I don’t think people want to hear that the prices are up 1.35% THIS week but down 2.4% since last month.  I believe that real estate value is largely a feeling that people have about their market and the place that they live and invest.  The amount that they will pay or sell their home for is a direct result of how they feel about what is going on.  Yes, appraisals and recent sales are valid and important.  I am talking about the feel of the market.  Right now, Summer is winding down and the temperatures are dropping into the low 100’s, school is starting, so the frenzy to buy a house before school starts is waning.  But, let’s face it, there is no place in the country that can match this year round temperate weather.  I am optimistic that our market is going to continue on a slow and steady climb.  Economists predict a slight correction in the next few months as we go through the winter.  I see that as a great opportunity for investors to get a good deal or 2 before spring gets here! Rates should stay low and many potential buyers should come out of the"penalty box" this year and get back in the game!